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Videos of us on the job

If pictures tell a thousand words, our videos should tell you quite a bit more

We've given you the opportunity to take a look first-hand at the professionalism we bring to every cleaning job we delve into.

Rug cleaning

In this video a citrus pre-spray is applied to first release the dirt and bad odours, then using the Rotovac 360i we move from side to side spraying cleaning solution down aswell as sucking up the water at the same time. Finally an odour kill is applied to leave a fresh clean looking rug.

Carpet cleaning

This videos shows the technician using a sturdy hand tool to get right up to the edges. As with all carpets after time they can accumulate traffic filtration all around the edges. This deep down process removes all of the dirt.

Carpet cleaning

The second video, showing the technician using the hand lance to provide a deep, well-needed clean to a carpet that really needs the attention.

Carpet cleaning

This hallway would have had a cherry pre-spray applied first, then using the Rotovac 360i the technician goes side to side spraying down a non-toxic solution to gently release the trapped in dirt within the fibres of the carpet producing a brand new carpet effect.

Upholstery cleaning

In this video the technician would of previously used a citrus fabric pre-spray with conditioner. Then a soft bristled hand brush would have been applied to loosen the dirt from within the fabric. Then using the Rotovac 360i sheer dry hand tool, work up and down the cushion to reveal astonishing effects.

Carpet cleaning

This rug is in a hallway and so takes the brunt of heavy traffic walking through daily. Again using pre-sprays and the sturdy hand tool to produce a clean and fresh looking rug.